Preliminary Design/Pricing

Work with a Lavish Maison qualified Designer/Architect to create a Home Design as amazing and unique as you are. Plans are priced with a presentation of high performing options that ensure attention to detail, environmental, healthy living, value and efficiency considerations. Initiate our Construction Management Software tool so clear and detailed Schedule, Budget/Estimate, Documents and Selections are outlined and accessible. Permit Submission and focus on the many exciting selections


These critical weeks get you a jump on product selections. Lavish Maison works with you and your designer to ensure you're getting maximum quality and value. You're directed to tried and true, high service providing Mavish Maison suppliers by which our clients will also take advantage of the discounts provided to Lavish Maison. Management Software takes you step by step through various selections in the order in which they are required so there's never any confusion as to what to do, who to talk to or where to go.


Enjoy Watching our high performance teams of dedicated professionals bring your home to life. Integrate yourself as much as you wish in understanding each aspect of the build process Enjoy regular communication with your Lavish Maison team supplemented with our management software tool so you remain deeply connected to all aspects of the build process.

Ready to have the home you've always wanted?